Experimenting with games

Playing with new tech

So… I’m back. Its been nearly another two and a half years since my last post, but the world has changed quite a bit (see: COVID-19).

At the end of last year I got a new job! With this, I need to learn and master a bunch of new topics! Since I always have a bunch of fun with js13kGames every year, I’m trying to commit to making games to learn new topics.

I’ve followed Christer Kaitila for years and really enjoyed the #1GAM challenge, so I’m low-key doing it for myself. I think 1 month is a sufficient amount of time to make the simple games that I’m targeting and its a long enough cycle time for me to tinker with new concepts. You can follow along on the blog where I plan to write a little retro about each game and play all the games on my new games portal.

Let me know if you play any of the games or have any issues. As always, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or via email.

− Zack