Game 1


For my first #1GAM entry, I made: Tic-Tac_Toe

This isn’t super thrilling, but the non-visible work is what really excited me. Originally this game was going to be multiplayer with the primary objective of learning Durable Objects, a.k.a. websockets, however life took a different turn… Jenna needed an emergency surgery after an ER visit, so I played full-time care taker for awhile and didn’t get much done.

My primary objective with this game was to learn about typescript, redux, and immutable.js. This is all tech that I need for work but don’t have much or any experience with. I was also able to launch the portal using Cloudflare Pages, which I’ve done before, but had a seamless experience again. LMK if you’re interested in this!

As I work on new games, I hope to enhance my old entries. My goal is to make all of my games support online multiplayer, but that may take a few iterations before I can back-port the logic. With Cloudflare, it seems like (basic) multiplayer games, think turn-based, are possible with minimal capital investment so I plan to tinker with that a bit. Serverless websockets could really open some interesting doors, if it works as I’m envisioning…!

Let me know if you play any of the games or have any issues. As always, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or via email.

− Zack