Hello World

My first blog post.

Hello World, this is my first blog post. As a first of anything, I thought it would be applicable to do a simple Hello World.

My name is Zack Urben and I am currently a Full Stack Developer (M.E.A.N.) for Form.io. As someone who regularly programs for enjoyment, I am always learning new things. However, since there is such a high volume of good and bad content available, you may need to sift through some less enjoyable content. The point of this blog is to give back to the interwebz, because I have benefited greatly from freely available content. Hopefully I can help you learn something, or spark your interest to pursue more knowledge around any given subject.

As always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and suggest new topics for me to cover!

− Zack

Note: I can play on both sides of the sandbox, the Frontend and Backend, but I tend to reside primarily on the Backend. There is a high probability that any content on here will be technical rather than for visual enjoyment. You have been warned!