In Search of Adventure

Starting a new chapter of life.

Hello old friends. It feels like it has been a long time since I last posted here. I don’t have a good reason for that, other than I didn’t want to. I started to fall victim to burnout. I dislike using buzzwords and popular terms like that, but it’s hard to ignore after standing too close to the fire for too long. This isn’t another article over how to avoid it, but rather a public acknowledgement of my personal failure and how I am overcoming it. This blog was created for the following simple goal:

“The point of this blog is to give back to the interwebz, because I have benefited greatly from freely available content.” @ Hello World

I started this by writing my Redis posts, which got way better receptivity than expected by far, but I soon stopped. It got difficult ending my long days with additional work, which was remarkably similar to my everyday work load, thus making my long days even longer. My main issue is the fact that my most enjoyable hobby is programming itself, so it always feel like I am working due to the fact that I’m usually programming. To combat this, I’ve:

  1. Changed my tinkering habits to only use tech that I don’t use at work
  2. Expanded my hobbies with old and new ones

Nowadays, I try and do 3D modeling, non-tech reading, learning to play the piano, and some video games!

I feel like I’m on a better path now. Since hitting the apex of burnout, I’ve switched jobs and started focusing on my hobbies. That coupled with less emphasis on MEAN Stack tinkering, outside of work, has helped rejuvenate my mind without requiring a drastic vacation or recovery period.

If you feel the same, I encourage you to make a positive change. Pick up a book, or force yourself to rekindle an old hobby (I had to force myself to play video games again, because it wasn’t fun. Thankfully I’m enjoying it again).


As stated earlier, the aim of this post was to acknowledge my absence. I hope to be writing tech posts soon enough again!

I hope someone found this post helpful, and as always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and suggest new topics for me to cover!

− Zack